Suncoast Pavers Inc. Warranty Details

Suncoast Pavers, Inc. warrants its brick pavers to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of 20 years. This warranty from manufacturing defects refers only to the structural integrity of the pavers, not to variations of color. Under no circumstances does Suncoast Pavers, Inc., warrant the installation of the pavers.

If product is defective, it shall NOT be installed. Suncoast Pavers, Inc. will not be responsible for labor costs associated with the installation of defective pavers. Suncoast Pavers, Inc. will replace uninstalled pavers that are deemed to be defective at site in excess of 5% of entire shipment. Claims for defective pavers must be made within 3 days of receipt as stated under the Terms and Conditions of Sale.

This warranty does not cover the following;
Shade or Color Variations from sample boards, Freight of replacement pavers, Efflorescence which usually washes away with rain, Improper installation, Damage caused by abuse, Intentional damage, Damage from incorrect setting techniques, Damage from incorrect sealing techniques, Common found imperfections such as exposed aggregates and Stains caused by but not limited to sprinklers or water erosion.

Suncoast Pavers, Inc. cannot guarantee the shape or color of the pavers at the time the claim is presented and accepted. Additionally, our 30mm pavers are only warranted for pedestrian use only. There shall be no other warranties, expressed or implied, other than the ones stated herein. Suncoast Pavers, Inc. does not assume responsibility for any consequential damages directly or indirectly, other than the replacement of the defective material. This warranty only applies to the original owner at delivered site, and is not transferable.